Friday, October 20, 2006

Sap it!

Level 10! Onwards to westfall!

I had my first group experience today, it was me a priest and a mage, I was "tanking" and may I add, I did a damn fine job at it. We zipped through that cave like epic farlap much to the surprise of my fellow party members, who were at first sceptical of my lack of garments. Two green leather items dropped from the trolls and i won them both, oh the pain of it all.

I also finished my level 10 rogue quest and got my first green! "Blade of cunning" class: rogue. It’s very snazzy. And I managed to snap up a flimsy female gnome mask from the inn keeper.

Note: still no bunny companion.

I heart halloween

Avast matey!

This'll be my first World of Warcraft Halloween! Oh joy, oh rapture. Effdawg got turned into a mini Diablo, twas 30 seconds I'll never forget.

I just hit level 9, I'm not dinging as fast as I would like but I just started back at school and various homework articles keep popping up. Many might argue this next point, but the first 10 levels are always a b**** to get through, the quests are just so tedious! Kill 5 wild boards, now kill 10 elder boars, now kill 12 wild boars for wild board meat! WHY? Because they said so.

Anyway, it's still fairly easy to level; having no armour hasn't really made much of a difference yet…


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Effdawg signing on.


This is Effdawg, she's a bit of a heart breaker. And let the record show I'll be playing on Stonemaul.

At the moment I'm about half way into level 7 and still going strong.

Nothing of note has happened yet, dun morogh is a fairly spaced out place, give it time...but i have set a new goal for myself: Get a bunny. I feel it would ultimately set the mood for my naked adventures, and they're just so darn cute.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let the battle begin...


Welcome to the Naked Rogue project! I was inspired to start this when I came across this marvellous site: . A troll hunter level'd all the way to 60, in the nude.

I will be attempting the same goal, but stealth style.

At first I was torn between a Paladin and a Rogue, blast decisions, but after acquiring others to make the choice for me, the path of a Rogue seemed the most interesting and fun filled. Plus I have always silently regretted not rolling a rogue.

I haven't actually become bored of World of Warcraft, but I have been to 60 and missed having to level. That may sound loco, but it gave me more of a purpose than just collecting various epic items and raiding. And with the release of Burning Crusades on the horizon, my hearts just not in it, yeah sure I can get epic'd out and be uber leet, but then level 70 pops up and BAM. we're all just ridiculously high level twinks. Go figure.

Breaking horde tradition, I will be creating a Gnome Rogue. Most of my characters are alliance and when I informed the guild I'm in of my decision they seemed pretty rapped, and I figure, this will probably be tricky and I don't want to throw myself completely out of my comfort zone to do it.

Signed, your ever naked rogue.