Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let the battle begin...


Welcome to the Naked Rogue project! I was inspired to start this when I came across this marvellous site: . A troll hunter level'd all the way to 60, in the nude.

I will be attempting the same goal, but stealth style.

At first I was torn between a Paladin and a Rogue, blast decisions, but after acquiring others to make the choice for me, the path of a Rogue seemed the most interesting and fun filled. Plus I have always silently regretted not rolling a rogue.

I haven't actually become bored of World of Warcraft, but I have been to 60 and missed having to level. That may sound loco, but it gave me more of a purpose than just collecting various epic items and raiding. And with the release of Burning Crusades on the horizon, my hearts just not in it, yeah sure I can get epic'd out and be uber leet, but then level 70 pops up and BAM. we're all just ridiculously high level twinks. Go figure.

Breaking horde tradition, I will be creating a Gnome Rogue. Most of my characters are alliance and when I informed the guild I'm in of my decision they seemed pretty rapped, and I figure, this will probably be tricky and I don't want to throw myself completely out of my comfort zone to do it.

Signed, your ever naked rogue.


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